We are excited to announce a number of new guns to be added to the Songs In The Key Of Knife family.

Our first announcement is songwriter: Degs. With a strong R&B and Hip Hop influence, his songwriting and MC’ing soon took a soulful turn proving the adaptability and musical prowess of this accomplished songwriter. Degs draws upon an a broad set of lyrical forms, fusing fast sprays with harmonious singing.

Another lyrical mastermind we welcome to the family is InjaArtist, MC, Poet, Father, Chef. Spanning genres and pushing art in its most primordial of forms wherever possible, Inja is a true talisman of the underground UK music scene.

Our final announcement is the signing of new kid on the block Unglued. The enigmatic Unglued is the proud owner of 2018’s most sought after dubplate in drum & bass. His bootleg of High Contrast’s anthem, ‘If We Ever’ has had everyone talking, catapulting him straight into the stratosphere of the D+B elite.

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