Egoless was born in 1984 in Croatia. From an early age music was an escape from the harsh reality that was surrounding him, and after discovering punk & rock around 1997 he started his first band, playing gigs from the age of 14.

After moving to the capital (Zagreb, where he resides to this day) he instantly got hooked to dub, reggae and especially jungle music. Shortly after that in 2002 he started getting into music production, making dub, reggae, jungle and some experimental music while still playing and touring with various bands as a keyboardist, guitarist and sound engineer.

In 2009 he started his Egoless project with the No Ego, No Problems EP, and quickly started combining dub and dubstep music into one organic whole while keeping the both foundations of styles intact, utilising Jamaican dub techniques and hardware (analog mixer, tape, tape echoes, spring reverbs, instruments).

Since 2012 he has released music on some of dubstep’s most influential and forward-thinking labels including Deep Medi Musik, System, ZamZam Sounds, Lion Charge, Scrub a Dub and Blacklist.