London’s Alex Melia is Reso. He blends heightened technological futurism with dancefloor prowess to create a densely cinematic musical universe. With the release of his debut LP Tangram on Civil Music in 2012, Reso cemented himself as one of the world’s most forward thinking producers. Emotive and unique, Reso’s new rhythmic possibilities and effortlessly intricate programming combine myriad sounds and stimuli – dubstep, sci-fi, hip hop, Manga, ambient, dnb, Moving Shadow, Rephlex – with dynamic and intelligent structure.

After several choice outings on Hospital, Reso has now joined the NHS full time to bring his brave new electronic narrative to the label in the way that timeless artists like Richard D James, Photek, DJ Shadow and A Guy Called Gerald have done for earlier generations. Reso is also a highly skilled drummer (a Brit School graduate) and talented producer who has engineered tracks for Burial and Jamie Woon, amongst others.

Reso’s profound musical dexterity continually pushes boundaries with his latest musical serving proving no different. Forward-thinking, drum-slicked LP ‘Ricochet’ effortlessly shifts through the twists and turns of drum & bass, down-tempo, hip-hop beats and transcendent eurphoria to create an outstanding twelve track collection. Ready to drop on the 30th March, any electronic music fan best get ready, Reso has arrived.

“Reso is out there on his own – his music is almost impossible to define. I had a chat with him the other day and we jokingly described his sound as ‘intelligent gully’. If detail is your thing then you’ll fall in love with Reso’s music. multilayered doesn’t even begin to describe it. Mindblowingly original does describe it but it still leaves you unprepared for the onslaught. I’m f***ing proud to have Reso signed to Hospital. His music is, quite simply, intriguing.” – London Elektricity