Maksim Kuznichenkov
AKA Megadrummer
From: Moscow, Russia
Signed: 2009
SITKOK Repertoire: Approximately 20 published works
Style: Animal from The Muppet Show

Max Megadrummer thrashed his way into the music scene as a professional drummer with several Moscow bands, playing everything from grindcore to ska-punk for over 7 years.

Max broke into the drum+bass scene in 2005, and has driven out a unique mix of neuro, techno and ambient sounds. He has worked with several Russian and UK labels including MacroVision, Gunsta, Ennex, Sound Artillery, Hospital, Nerve, Collective and Revolution Recordings.

Eager to expand his sound, Max has collaborated with a variety of producers such as The Sect, Enei, Tenebra, Metrik and Blal. As well as being actively involved in the drum+bass scene, he works with Russian and world singers/performers as a creative producer. His track “Sedna” featured on Hospital’s “Future Sound Of Russia” compilation album in 2009.