Gábor Nagymáthé
AKA SKC / Tactile / Mindscape
From: Budapest, Hungary
Signed: 2008
SITKOK Repertoire: Approximately 90 published works
Style: Danube D&B devastation
Website: MySpace.com/SKCGambo

One of Budapest’s finest electronic and dance music creators, Gábor Nagymáthé has an impressive repertoire, releasing music for many leading drum & bass labels including Soul:r, DSCI4, Timeless and Hospital Records. Having written quality tech-driven music since the turn of the millennium, Gábor unleashed his debut full-length album entitled“Killing Me Softly” through Commercial Suicide in 2006.

He then delivered a massive rework of classic d&b track “The Code” in 2007 and released numerous other tracks on Timeless, Commercial Suicide, Syntax Audio, Architecture and Tactile Vinyl. Gábor continues to be instrumental in the development of dance music not just within his native Hungary but throughout Europe.