What is music publishing?
As a music publisher we aim to maximise the value of our music whilst simultaneously allowing writers to concentrate on the creative side of their work. It involves seeking writers, registering their works with royalty collection societies, promoting/licensing the music to a commercial audience and ensuring that income is collected then distributed fairly to the writer.

What is your relationship with Hospital Records?
Hospital Records Ltd. is the parent company of Songs In The Key Of Knife, we publish music released on Hospital Records and many other labels. It is also possible to collect royalties on music that has not been released through a record company/label.

How can I get my music published through Songs In The Key Of Knife?
We are always looking to build our catalogue by signing and developing new writers. For more information about publishing deals with Songs In The Key Of Knife, please email sam@hospitalrecords.com
Please do not attach audio files directly to any email correspondence. Regrettably we are unable to give feedback on all submissions.

Are you only interested in publishing drum & bass?
No. The company’s background and in-depth knowledge of drum & bass lends itself to this kind of music, but when it comes to publishing our ears are open to all genres especially if we feel we can add value to it.